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You may sell your products online through your own ecommerce website like Shopify, Wix or Woocommerce – or even through a marketplace such as Etsy, Ebay or Amazon Handmade and to get your brand or products seen you will benefit from sharing on social media.

On your Facebook Page there are a number of tools that you can use to help market your shop or products without having to share every individual one in a separate post that will catch the eye of your target audience, to keep them engaged and tempt them into clicking and hopefully buying from you.

It is always a challenge trying to get your products seen online, whether you are a small business or a larger company, so displaying a single photograph of what you are offering limits who will be interested.  Photo Carousels give you the opportunity to showcase lots of different products or even a selection of pages/categories that you want people to see.  This guide will show you just how easy it is to do on your facebook page.

If you would like to see an example of a photo carousel on Facebook – CLICK HERE

Step 1

Go to your Facebook Page from a computer/laptop – this doesn’t work well on mobile

Step 2 

Create a new post on your page
Click on the Photo/Video Icon

Go to where you would create a new post on your page and click on the Photo/Video icon on the bottom left hand side

Step 3

Now select the option to Create A Photo Carousel

Step 4

Enter your destination URL – this should be the browser address for your Etsy Shop, Online Shop or Ebay Shop for example.  This should be the main location that you want your visitors to go to – it can be a specific category or page that you would like to share


Click on the blue arrow to the right when you are happy with the destination URL

Step 5

This will automatically load in an image from the destination URL ready for you with the page title and some text from the page.


  • Try to choose a URL where there are photographs on the page to get one uploaded for you
  • If there are multiple photographs on the page they will be automatically loaded – don’t worry you can add/remove before you publish
  • This will automatically save one photo in the carousel at the end with your logo and link to your website location



Step 6

Now you can add, edit or reorder your carousel

If you want to add a new photograph click on the + icon, select an image from your computer to upload (this would be an image of your product that you would want to display)


Drag and drop to rearrange the order of your photos until they display exactly as you want. Just click on an image to deselect it and it will only show if it has a number in the top right hand corner.

When you have uploaded all of the images that you want to display move onto the next step where you link the image directly to the product page where customers can buy the item

Step 7

Entering the destination URLs for each of the photos in the carousel is very easy – hover over the photo and click the link icon displayed

A new pop up box will appear where you can enter the destination URL for the product page.  Click Confirm when you are happy that this is the correct location

Continue with this process with each of your photos in the carousel so that each one links to the product page where the customer can view/buy the item

Step 8

Now you can add some text to your post to tell people about your video… you can always add feeling/activity to show you are excited or happy – and check in if you want to

When you are happy with your post click the ‘Publish’ button


  • Use the drop down arrow next to Publish if you want to schedule your post to be published at a different time…. it’s not always the best time to publish straight away – think of when you will get more views of your video, if you are making this in the middle of the night because you have the time to do so then it is best to publish the following evening when people are online and will see it fresh – Be patient – it pays
  • Remember to share your post when it is published to your own page or to your groups – GET IT SEEN


This will boost the views and visibility of your products so much – you will be surprised.

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