Heat Embossing With Stencils

We sell an amazing range of templates and stencils that are ideal for making stunning cards or crafts using heat embossing techniques. We also sell a range of amazing Embossing tools and powders to complement the stencils

You don’t have to use heat to emboss using your stencils, you can also use an embossing machine to create a different effect – using the same stencil – they are so versatile.

Use Card, Vellum or Paper to create whatever effects you want in your crafts

We also have an amazing range of templates and stencils that can be used for embroidery or piercing/pricking to create fantastic effects….

Why not try using rubber stamps with ink pads which is another technique that can be used for heat embossing

You can always finish off your amazing designs with some glitter or embellishments or perhaps a little decoupage

Whatever you fancy trying today have a look at the craft supplies on Discstop

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